These 5 Benefit Benetint Dupes Are Truly Phenomenal

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Benefit Benetint dupes

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Benefit Benetint Dupes: Despite the beauty industry’s constant evolution and the never-ending parade of new products like Charlotte Tilbury, Benetint has managed to hold its ground as a firm favorite for many. There’s just something about its sheer, rosy tint that adds a touch of natural radiance to lips and cheeks, making it a go-to for makeup lovers everywhere.

But to be honest it is a little expensive for what it does. I don’t wanna splurge on a tint that I finish so quickly. And I know many of you think the same. That’s why I am giving you drugstore dupes for the iconic Benetint. But first let’s talk a lil bit about Benefit Benetint itself.

Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain

After all these years, this little gem is still rocking the beauty world. It’s a lip and cheek tint that gives you that fresh, natural flush. Plus, it’s so easy to use. Just swipe, blend, and go!

And let me tell you about the scent—it’s like a bouquet of roses in a bottle. So dreamy! But don’t worry, it fades away after a bit.

From makeup newbies to seasoned pros, everyone loves Benetint. It’s like the perfect starter kit for anyone diving into the makeup game.

Originally it was used as a nipple tint. That’s what I heard LOL! And NO! I am not gonna tell you if I tried that.

So, it’s pretty expensive and a lot of brands have come up with similar formulas. So here are 5 best Benetint Dupes that are very similar to the real deal.

Get Those Natural Flushed Cheeks With These 5 Benefit Benetint Dupes

1. Essence What A Tint

This is the best of all the Benefit Benetint dupes. Cause it has the same pigment as the Benetint which is a bit different with other dupes for Benetint.

They’ve got similar consistencies and are supposed to be used the same way – dot and blend for a rosy flush.

Benetint has that classic rosy scent, while Essence has more of a fruity scent. And Benetint absorbs into the skin a tad quicker, but honestly, the colors and feel are spot on.

Essence What a tint is a kiss-proof, smudge-proof tint just like the  Benetint but at a fraction of the price and it stays just as long as the Benetint.

2. Etude House Water Tint

Benetint gives a nice, natural flush, while Etude House in shade Strawberry ade gives a more moisturized, shiny finish.

When it comes to lip application, I like the natural finish of Benetint, but I really love the glossy look of the Etude House tint. I feel like Benetint gives me bhole lips if you know what I mean.

Overall, both tints have their pros and cons, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you like a little hydrated finish, Etude House Water Tint is a lot better than Benetint.

3. Ulta Weightless Water Lip Stain

I tried out the Very Berry shade and, it’s a little more pigmented than Benetint. You have to sheer out the pigment a little bit to get the same finish as Benefit. Longevity wise, it gives a solid competition to Benetint.

Overall, it is a great product, especially if you’re into that natural, weightless lip look.

@withduyen a more in depth review/try on of the @Ulta Beauty weightless water lip stain in ‘very Berry’ ^-^ #ultalipstain #affordablelipstain #lipstain #lipstainreview ♬ Here with Me (Live) - Rizal Fahmi

4. Peripera Vivid Tint Water- Apple Squeeze

This tint is an exact dupe for Benetint. It is a little more pigmented. Three applications of Benetint will give you the same pigment as one application of Peripera.

Longevity-wise, both hold up pretty well throughout the day, but Peripera might need a touch-up after a meal to maintain that flawless look.

And the scent and taste – both brands have the fruity fragrance, which adds a fun twist to the application process.

5. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint- Cherry Pink

This tint comes in the cutest heart-shaped containers, which is already a win in my book.

The pigmentation is again a bit more than the Benetint so make sure to sheer it out.

As for longevity, it holds up pretty well throughout the day (as long as you’re not chowing down on a burger).

Takeaway: Benefit Benetint Dupes

While these dupes are pretty good they aren’t 100% same except for the Essence and Etude house ones.

They have their own twist to the tints which I really like because I am not up for building up a sheer product 100 times.

If that is your vibe, I have given you options. These are all really good and similar to the Benefit Benetint.

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