5 Milk Makeup Blur Stick Dupes That Are Even Better

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Milk makeup blur stick dupes

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Imagine you’ve found your holy grail primer, the one that makes your skin look like it’s been blessed by the beauty gods and then it discontinues. Heartbreaking, IKR! Well, imagine if you could find something just as amazing, yup right! Today I am gonna share with you some amazing Milk Makeup Blur Stick Dupes. By the way, do you remember Benefit Lemon Aid? Yeah that yellow undereye corrector. It was discontinued too so you can check out its alternatives here.

I tested a bunch of alternatives for the Milk Blur Stick and these alternatives were most similar to the Milk one.

I have curated both drugstore and high end alternatives for you and trust me, they are all really good.

Discontinued Milk Makeup Blur Stick Alternatives

1. Revolution Blur Stick - Personal Favorite

The texture of this primer is creamy and smooth, it gives instant blur effect! It glides on like a dream on the face. I was a bit worried about getting it into all those nooks and crannies, but nah, it was easy peasy.

Trust me, after some foundation, concealer, and everything, your skin will look as smooth as a baby’s bottom. This is one of the most popular Milk Blur Stick dupe.

2. Morphe 2 All A Blur Pore Perfecting Stick

This primer is like a magic eraser for your pores. Seriously, it blurs them to oblivion. I’m talking disappearing act level stuff here.

So, I slathered this baby on before my foundation, and let me tell you, my skin looked like it had been airbrushed. I’ve never seen my pores look so tiny! Trust me, it is so much better than Milk Makeup Blur stick.

3. Nudestix Tinted Blur Foundation Stick

Now this blur stick is a little different than the Milk blur stick. It is a primer but has a tint that smooths out your skin, blur those imperfections, and leave you with a soft matte glow.

If you’re all about that no-makeup makeup look and want something light and breezy for your face, give the Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick a try.

4. Nyx Pore Filling Stick

It is a  blurring primer that zaps away pores and fine lines while keeping the oil at bay.

I used this bad boy on one side of my face, and I gotta say, it does tone down the shine. You can practically see it working its magic right before your eyes.

It may look like it but, it has powdery texture. Not your typical silicone primer feel, which is kinda nice.

5. Maybelline Master Blur Stick

This one comes in two forms. One a transparent / White one which is a total Milk Blur Stick dupe and a tinted one which is a dupe for Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick.

The only difference between the Milk Makeup Blur Stick and Maybelline Blur Stick is texture. Maybelline Blur Stick is a bit thicker than the Milk one. But it actually does a better job at blurring pores and fine lines.

Takeaway: Identical Milk Makeup Blur Stick Dupes

While the Milk Blur Stick may have bid us farewell, our quest for the perfect primer continues. Who knows? Perhaps in the ever-evolving world of beauty, a new holy grail primer is just around the corner.

So, let’s cherish the memories of our Milk Blur Stick days and keep our eyes peeled for the next big thing in the world of makeup. After all, the beauty journey is all about discovery, experimentation, and embracing the unexpected.

Until then, enjoy these Milk Makeup Blur Stick Dupes!

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