12 Best Cool Toned Contour Sticks And Powders

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Cool toned contour

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I know the struggle – finding the right contour products that provide depth without veering into overly warm or orange territory can be quite the challenge.

For those of you with paler complexions, finding the perfect cool contour sticks and powder that not only complements your skin tone but also creates that elusive shadow effect can be a makeup odyssey.

So I have done my research on Reddit, google, Youtube and every where I could and collected all the cool toned contour that girls with pale skin love. You can have that chiseled look with these. I totally love some of these too (obviously in different shades). But they are all really good and cult favorite. Let’s dive into the best cool toned contour ever.

Create Shadows With These 12 Cool Toned Contour Sticks & Powders!!

1. Flower Beauty Lowlight Liquid Contour in the shade Light (Liquid)

Though the shade of this cool toned contour is great, it is a bit hard to blend. It has a watery consistency but you have to be very careful because it dries down very quickly. So apply at one side and immediately blend before applying to the other side.

2. Elf Halo Glow Contour Wand In Fair/Light (Liquid)

The Fair Light shade, a true gray contour, is really a savior for fair skin tones. It provides a natural shadow without the orange undertones. The texture of this contour is commendable, it blends seamlessly and becomes one with the skin.

3. Milk Makeup Contour Stick in shade Toasted (Cream)

These sticks come in a compact size, and while I initially wondered if there’s a larger version, it seems this is the standard size. Toasted, a cooler gray-toned shade, and Stoked, a slightly deeper version, are really for fair skin tones. 

This contour stick has a very smooth application and the tone mimics shadows on the skin rather than bronzing it up. I don’t have toasted shade though because I am a brown girl so it’s not worth it for me but you will definitely love it.

4. Nyx Wonder Stick in Fair (Cream)

Now this might not be the creamiest bronzer out there but fair-skinned girlies absolutely love this shade for cool toned contour. You may want to avoid this one if you are a beginner but with a little effort it blends perfectly.

5. Catrice Contour Stick In Shade Light (Cream)

Catrice Conrour blends effortlessly, providing a seamless finish. However, the packaging left much to be desired. The product itself is fantastic, with the contour stick proving to be a gem. Unfortunately, the dual-sided design with a highlighter may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with texture concerns.

6. Fenty Beauty Contour Stick In The Shade Amber Suede (Cream)

One key aspect I appreciate about cream bronzers is their skin-like texture, and the Fenty Match Stix delivers just that. The formula of this is thin, lightweight, and applies effortlessly, providing a medium pigmentation. The thinness of the cream ensures a natural finish that seamlessly melds with the skin.

7. Essence Contouring Duo Palette Light (Powder)

The palette has a darker shade for contouring and a lighter one for highlighting, both in powder form. There might be some fallout, so use a gentle hand during application. The product is remarkably smooth. It doesn’t stain heavily; instead, it gives a natural and polished finish.

8. Em Cosmetics So Soft Multi Faceplay Bronze Sculpt Terra (Cream)

Initially, you will be intrigued by the unique satin cloud complex formulation, creating an airy, mousse-like texture. My first application, however, left me a bit unsure. But after using a brush, I blended the product with little circular motions and managed to get a rounded and natural effect. The texture reminded me of the NARS Air Matte blushes, albeit a bit stiffer due to the stick format.

9. Nyx Powder Blush Taupe (Powder)

Now, let me just say, I’m not the first one to shout about this magic in a pan, but it’s too good not to share. So, let’s dive into the details. First off, I love NYX blushes in general – great quality, budget-friendly, and an extensive shade range. But Taupe is the MVP for fair-skinned folks plus the application is a breeze. A few swipes just under the cheekbone, and voila!

10. Elf Light Shade Eyebrow Kit (Powder)

It might seem a bit weird, but I’ve discovered that the e.l.f. light shade eyebrow kit contains an ideal powder for fair and cool-toned contouring. Although it’s not explicitly labeled as a contour powder, it surprisingly blends seamlessly and mimics a natural shadow on fair and cool-toned skin.

11. LA Girl Just Blushing Blush - Just Because (Powder)

This blush is exactly like Nyx Powder blush in the shade Taupe. So if you can’t get your hands on that one La Girl Just Blushing in the shade Just Because is a perfect dupe for Nyx Taupe Blush.

12. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster (Powder)

This is a perfect middle shade, suitable as both contour and bronzer. However, it is slightly warm, perfect for those who want something in the middle of cool and warm toned contour. Overall, it is a good option, especially for those who like dual-use products.

13. Peripera Contour- Hazel Gray

This contour is seriously handy—it’s got a moderate pigmentation level, which, in my opinion, is just right, especially if you’re not a contour pro. You can take it slow, adding just the perfect amount. The result? Super natural! The medium pigmentation is perfect for a natural look. If heavy makeup isn’t your thing and you like minimal makeup, give this a go.

Takeaway: Best Cool Toned Contour

Okay, so that’s pretty much it. I know that the reviews are too short to know how each product performs. But I have researched pretty well and all these are really good. Plus, honestly, i don’t know how to describe 10 different products that do the same thing with same shade differently. It’s kinda funny. Anyways my personal favorite is milk makeup contour stick and Nyx powder blush.

Have you tried any of these? Which one are you gonna try first? Let me know in the comments down below.

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