9 Closest Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes

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Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes

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Today,  I am diving into the enchanting world of Pink setting powders, with a focus on the one that sent shockwaves across the Tiktok – Huda Beauty’s Cherry Blossom Cake Powder. Remember when it practically broke the internet? Well, it’s still very popular.

Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder literally started the trend of using pink setting powder. It’s very popular, but here’s the catch – getting your hands on it is like winning the beauty lottery. With Huda Beauty constantly playing hard to get, I’ve found myself on the lookout for Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes and I know you must be looking for them too.

In this blog post, I am on a quest to unveil the best dupes for the Cherry Blossom Powder, because let’s face it, the struggle is real when your makeup idol is always out of stock. Whether you’re an avid Huda Beauty fan or someone scouting for more budget-friendly options, I’ve got you covered. But first, let me tell you what Cherry Blossom or in general a pink setting powder does.

What Does Pink Setting Powder Do For You?

What does a pink powder do for you
📌 Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes

Well, pink setting powder works against sallow areas and pesky yellow undertones in your concealer. Pink setting powder works its charm by neutralizing these tones, giving your face a bright and radiant finish. It’s like a soft-focus filter for your skin – #nofilter needed!

Now, here’s the inside scoop: pink powders mostly work for light to medium skin tones. They’re the perfect sidekick for brightening up your complexion. However, for my sisters with brown skin, pink powders may not work. The only pink powder that works for the brown skin is One Size Beauty Ultra pink powder which is also one of the Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder dupes.

Get Brightest Undereyes With Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes!!!

1. Ben Nye Pretty Pink Powder

Now let me tell ya, this powder is an exact dupe for Huda Cherry blossom powder. There is not a single difference between the two. It gives you the same brightening effect and makes you look snatched as a runway model. It blurs, smooths and doesn’t look cakey at all just like the Cherry Blossom.

I personally own this powder and it is one of my go-tos. You know what the best part is? It is fragrance-free. If you are sensitive to fragrances, ditch Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom and get this one. I wouldn’t want you to break out or have a headache. It may seem a little too pink in the container but trust me, it’s perfect especially if you are a brown babe like me.

2. The Beauty Crop Vitamin Babe Setting Powder In "Pink 6"

If you are on a hunt for affordable alternatives for Huda beauty Cherry Blossom powder, you’re welcome sister! This and the Colorpop one are the only affordable options from this list. I don’t know why drugstore brands are not coming up with good pink setting powders. I mean they have been viral for quite some time now.

Anyways, It’s a weightless setting powder with that chef’s kiss hydration. It legit melts into your skin, leaving you looking flawless AF. It doesn’t accentuate texture in any way. If you are on a budget, don’t think twice before getting this Cherry Blossom dupe.

3. One Size Ultra Pink Powder

Now, this powder itself is a mood – it’s a deeper pink than your usual, but trust me, it’s not playin’. It is one of the most finely milled powders in the market right now. It almost feels like baking flour, you know how fine texture it has.

It blends like a dream, giving that smooth, flawless finish, and sets everything really very well. If you’re into that matte, blurring, and long-lasting finish, this One Size Pink Powder is a total game-changer. Or even if you are into that natural bright finish, it works well for that too (skip baking, just set the under eyes). Patrick Star really nailed it with this one.

4. Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder In "Pink"

Now, I haven’t tried this one personally but my friend Grace (ILY if you’re reading) loves this powder and she has been using this for a while now. She hasn’t tried Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom yet but the way she defined what it does for her was the exact same thing that Cherry Blossom does.

She loves setting her makeup with this powder especially her under eyes. It’s a brightening, smoothing and fine powder just like the Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Cake.

5. Lorac Pro Loose Setting Powder In "Soft Rose"

Now, let me break it down for you – this pink powder is the real deal. Even the packaging is giving major Huda Beauty vibes.  It claims to be finely milled with that Ultra blurring effect, and let me tell you, it delivers.

It has a natural finish, not too matte but soft and gentle. It sets everything in place without making you look like a dried-up desert. All in all, it is a great Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder dupe.

6. Jordana Ticia Mini Set & Brighten Powder Duo In "Flossie"

I have this powder in a different shade but let me just tell this duo is literally magic. First of all, it’s fragrance, I can die for it. It’s like a strawberry dream. Not overpowering, just a sweet touch while applying. Just be warned, it’s so good you might want to take a nibble – but don’t LOL!

This is a duo, you can’t get just the loose powder but let me tell you it’s totally worth it. Just set your face with the loose powder first and then use the pressed powder for that ultimate bright and smooth under-eye.

7. Dominique Smooth & Blur Setting Powder In "Rosita Brightening Pink"

First things first, this stuff is straight-up buttery magic. It’s so lightweight; you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. It’s got this soft-focused vibe that smoothens and blurs out any imperfections. Basically, it’s like a real-life Instagram filter but IRL.

Best part is it’s non-comedogenic which means it won’t mess with your pores. No clogging, just pure smoothness and blurred perfection. If you want your face to be like, “I woke up like this,” then Dominique Pink Setting Powder is the move.

8. Morphe Bake & Soft Focus Setting Powder In "Brightening Pink"

If you’re rocking a fair to medium skin tone, Brightening Pink is your ride-or-die. It gives you that lit-from-within vibe identical to Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder.

Nothing much to say here because it literally is identical to Huda Beauty, shade-wise and formula-wise as well.

9. Colorpop No Filter Loose Setting Powder In "Soft Pink"

Here you go, another affordable Cherry Blossom Powder dupe. And don’t take this for granted just because it is from a drugstore brand. It can compete with any of the brands mentioned in this Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom powder dupes list.

It is blurring, smooth and literally perfect. The only difference between this and Huda Beauty is the shade. Huda Beauty is a little more pink making it suitable for medium skin tones as well while Colorpop is more suitable for lighter skin tones.

Wrapping up: Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Dupes

Whether you’re a die-hard Cherry Blossom, a savvy beauty explorer, or someone looking for a more affordable option, these Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder dupes offer a ticket to the same flawless finish without the “out of stock” heartbreak.

So, go ahead, experiment, play with these dupes, and don’t forget to tell me how you liked the dupe you picked for yourself. I will be waiting for your comment. See ya Bye Bye!

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