How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes? 3 Reasons To Totally Avoid Them!

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How long can you wear false eyelashes

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I was scrolling Reddit when I came across this weird question “how long can you wear false eyelashes?”.

At first, I thought she might be the only one who doesn’t know about this, but then I went through the answers and there were many people who said “as long as you want”. And I was like “what???? NOOOOO!”. Usually, it depends upon what type of false lashes you are using, but usually, you cannot wear false eyelashes for more than 10-12 hours because it is very damaging. I don’t want anyone to make this mistake, so, in this blog post, I am gonna cover different types of fake lashes and how long you can wear them.

How Long Can You Wear Lash Extensions?

how long can you wear false eyelashes

If you have permanent eyelash extensions then wear them as long as you want. They don’t really cause much harm to the eyes.

How long can you wear individual false lashes?

how long can you wear false eyelashes
How long can you wear false eyelashes: Individual

Individual lashes are no different from regular false eyelashes, they are just glued individually and can be used for 10-12 hours.

How long can you wear false eyelashes?

how long can you wear false lashes
How long can you wear false eyelashes?

You shouldn’t use fake lashes for longer than 10 hours and the last thing you wanna do is sleep with your falsies on. You should never sleep with your fake eyelashes on.

How long can you wear temporary lash extensions?

Lash extensions that are done at home for a temporary time usually last for 7-10 days and then they fall off on their own.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear False Lashes At All

Though false lashes are beautiful and make your makeup look complete, they are very damaging to your eyes and natural lashes.

  • Eye infections: False eyelashes cause strain in your eyes and may lead to corneal infection. Cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the iris and the pupil and allows light to enter the inside. 
  • Contact Dermatitis: Formaldehyde is a damaging chemical that is found in many types of eyelash glue. Make sure that your glue doesn’t have this ingredient because it may cause Dermatitis which is an allergic reaction to an external agent in which skin becomes red swollen and sore.
  • Loss of natural lashes: The glue that we use to stick the false lashes damages the follicles of our natural lashes, which may cause temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes.

Best Eyelash Adhesives that are least damaging to the eyes

I have given you enough reasons to not use fake eyelashes, but still, if you are stubborn and want to use falsies, never compromise when it comes to your eyes. Invest in the best adhesives possible because eye infections hurt very badly.

Here’s a list of the best eyelash glues for sensitive eyes and weak natural lashes that cause the least damage:

1. Lily Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue

This is a latex-free glue that doesn’t cause any irritation or allergy to the eyes. It holds the lashes well but as I said earlier, don’t forget to remove it before you go to bed. The best way to remove any lash adhesive is to use Micellar Water.

2. Kiss Strip Lashes Adhesive

The formula of this adhesive has aloe vera gel and is free from formaldehyde (the chemical I mentioned earlier) and latex, which makes it ideal for sensitive eyes. It is clear and the best part is that it’s just for $3. A deal to steal!

3. Duo Eyelash Adhesive

This is also latex-free and comes in both clear and black forms. So just apply your eyeliner and hop on your favorite pair of false lashes. It is a very effective and popular adhesive among professionals.

Best Eyelash Extension Glue: Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension Glue

This is the best eyelash extension glue when it comes to holding up the extensions. According to amazon reviews, it is suitable for sensitive eyes and holds up the extensions for up to 6 weeks. It is free from latex, formaldehyde, and carbon black.

Best Eyelash Extension Glue: CICI Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension Glue

The formula of this eyelash extension glue is very fast-drying. That’s what makes it one of the most loved glues on amazon. It’s latex, formaldehyde, and carbon black-free. While it is not harmful, it may cause allergies to some. It is better to test this out on your hand first.

While eyelash adhesive plays an important role in your eye health, using good quality eyelashes to keep your natural lashes healthy is also significant, especially if you already have brittle lashes.

For maintaining healthy lashes, use a gentle adhesive and light eyelashes. Natural-looking fake lashes cause less strain than the dense ones. Here’s a list of the best short and natural lashes.

Tips to use lashes in the right way (So that your natural lashes stay healthy):

  • Do not use a strong adhesive
  • Always remove lash adhesive with micellar water to clean your follicles
  • Never sleep with your falsies on
  • Gently detach lashes from your skin so that your natural lashes don’t fall off
  • Clean your lashes at regular intervals

Takeaway: How long can you wear false lashes

While those luscious lashes may make you feel like a red-carpet star, it’s important to know when it’s time to bid them farewell. Like Cinderella at midnight, false lashes have their time and place.

Now you know how long can you wear false eyelashes and how can lashes and adhesives can damage your eyes and the measures to prevent it. So go ahead and ace your makeup looks without any fear.

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