10 Ilia Skin Tint Dupes That Are So Much Better

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Illia skin tint dupes

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If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by the radiant glow promised by the ILIA Skin Tint but hesitant to dive into your wallet due to its hefty price tag and looking for Ilia skin tint dupes, you’re not alone. While this cult-favorite product has earned a special place in many makeup lovers’ hearts, it’s crucial to acknowledge that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s essential to recognize that the ILIA Skin Tint isn’t universally adored. Surprising, right? Some users, despite the allure of its sheer coverage and dewy finish, find themselves on the other side of the spectrum, unable to fall in love with this much-hyped gem.

For others, it’s not a matter of disliking the product; it’s the investment that gives them pause. Let’s face it – not everyone’s makeup budget has room for luxury price tags. And that’s perfectly okay!

So, if you’ve been eyeing ILIA’s Skin Tint from a distance, either unsure about its compatibility with your skin or deterred by the financial commitment, don’t worry! I have 10 of the best ILIA Skin Tint dupes for you – affordable alternatives that are so much better and give better results without burning a hole in your pocket.

What is the difference between Skin tint and Foundation?

Foundation comes in various forms (liquid, powder, cream) and offers varying levels of coverage (light, medium, full). The goal? To give you a flawless canvas by evening out your skin tone, covering imperfections, and providing a base for the rest of your makeup. 

While, skin tints provide a sheer, lightweight veil of color. They let your natural beauty shine through while giving a subtle boost to your complexion. Perfect for those chill days when you want a hint of coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a mask.

Table of difference between a foundation and skin tint

Is Ilia Skin Tint Worth The Money?

This foundation claims to be a revolutionary fusion of makeup, skincare, and SPF 40 in one step. It’s all about that serum foundation life, boasting super active hyaluronic acid, squalene, niacinamide, and a natural dewy finish. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not so fast.

At $46 a pop, it’s definitely on the pricey side, and that hefty price tag has some people second-guessing their purchase.

About the texture, the texture is a bit streaky and patchy, requiring some extra TLC during the blending. What I don’t like about this is that it oxidizes a lot! But the product looks great on my skin anyway. 

It’s perfect for those who crave that dewy look, but oily skin beauties, beware – you might want to keep your powder close. And if you’re into flash photography, consider a powder touch-up, as this glow might be a bit too much for the camera. 

But even after all the things I like about this tint, there are so many Ilia skin tint dupes out there that are much better for less price. And those are the skin tints I have compiled in this blog post.

These Ilia Skin Tint Dupes Are Perfect For Everday!!!

1. Tower 28 Sunnydays SPF 30

This is probably the only Ilia Skin Tint dupe with SPF in it. I could only find this one that actually worked like the Ilia.

This tinted sunscreen gives the exact same coverage too. It’s still on a pricey side for a dupe but I really like this one better.

The only difference is that it is a little bit less dewy than Ilia. But, it’s actually good for oily girls who find Ilia skin tint a little too oily or greasy. 

You can use an illuminating primer underneath to make it as glowy as the Ilia Skin Tint.

2. Neutrogena-Sensitive Skin Serum

This foundation has got pro-vitamin B5 to keep your skin’s moisture on point. Perfect for us sensitive skin peeps. 

The coverage is sheer and buildable, formulated without all the yucky stuff – fragrances, dyes, parabens, and more.

It feels like a skincare that is also makeup. It hides my red spots to some extent and gives me an even skin tone overall, leaving a very beautiful glowing finish on the skin.

3. Kosas Tinted Oil

According to Sephora, it’s a light coverage, but Kosas says it’s a medium coverage foundation. According to me, it has a medium buildable coverage.

It’s hydrating with a natural finish, suitable for all skin types. It has a beautiful dewy finish and makes the skin surprisingly soft.

It is packed with good stuff like jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and red raspberry seed oil and if you are vegan, this is vegan and cruelty-free too.

The only downside of Kosas tinted oil is that it does not have the longest wear time, but it fades gracefully, and the comfort level is unmatched. If you’re dealing with super dry skin or just need a light, no-makeup makeup day, give this a try.

4. L’oreal True Match Nude Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Serum

This tinted serum is not your typical foundation – it’s got 1% pure hyaluronic acid and gives a hydrated feel and a bright, even complexion. It is very lightweight and long-lasting. Plus, there are luminous mineral pigments in the ingredients for a healthy glow.

Ulta has it for $19.99, but Walmart’s got it for $14.95 – and, of course, there’s a whole 14 shades to choose from.

5. Glossier Skin Tint

Despite offering minimal coverage, Glossier Skin Tint provides a beautiful glow and effectively blurs pores. It has been my everyday go-to for years and I can’t recommend it enough.

If you desire a bit more coverage, I recommend trying L’oreal tinted serum. While still sheer, it can be layered for increased coverage, though it lacks the same blurring effect as Glossier.

Personally, I use Glossier for daily wear and opt for Mac when I’m heading out or want a makeupy look. 

Additionally, using a silicone-based primer, underneath Glossier can enhance its coverage. Overall, Glossier Skin Tint is a staple in my routine for its lightweight feel and radiant finish.

By the way, I have some amazing dupes for Glossier skin tint for you to check out.

6. Undone Unfoundation Light Coverage Glow Tint

This sheer coverage liquid foundation is doing its thing for just 14 bucks. It gives like that perfect no-makeup makeup look we all crave.

It has a total of 6 shades. Two for the fairies, two for the mid-tones, and two for the dark beauties. 

The texture of this baby is liquidy and very runny. Fingers are your best pals here – brushes and sponges might soak up too much. 

It gives a beautiful, natural glow without any stickiness. Coverage is sheer, like a soft-focus filter for your face. It won’t hide your freckles, but it will even out your skin tone.

7. Milani Glow Hydrating Tint

This little gem is just $12, packed with 29 squallings (hydration galore!), and it promises to give you that radiant, natural, dewy skin finish. Yes, please! It comes in a total of 8 shades.

The coverage is sheer, but it’s like a skin-perfecting veil. You won’t be able to tell where your pores went. LOL! I literally went to the gym after applying this and sweated so much and it was still there. So it really is a big thumbs up from me.

8. Nyx Bare Skin Tint

This product is a recent launch, and it claims to be a tinted skin veil. It’s non-comedogenic, and provides a fresh-faced look for a solid 8 hours – and hey, realistic claims are always appreciated! 

It gives an even skin tone, seamless coverage, a breathable and weightless feel, plus a luminous finish. And let’s not forget that it doesn’t streak. Perfect! I have tested shade 6, Golden Caramel, in a range of 12 diverse shades and I totally loved it.

9. Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

Priced at $29.50, it’s pretty reasonable, and you get a standard one fluid ounce of product. Fenty’s got us covered with 25 shades, that’s why we love Fenty, right?

The application of this skin tint is smooth, and the texture is not too watery. It gives a soft, blurred finish with buildable light to medium coverage with a natural radiant finish. 

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drops Skin Tint is one of my favorite Ilia skin tint dupes. It lives up to all its claims, and with the right application, you can achieve that flawless, blurred look.

Check out these Jaw-dropping Fenty Eaze Drop Dupes

10. Summer Fridays Skin Tint

This skin tint is a game-changer because, you know, Summer Fridays has always been about skincare, and this is their first step into makeup. As always, it’s women-owned, and you know we’re all about supporting our queens here!


Skin tint is like a drink of water for your face. It’s sheer, coverage of the hyperpigmentation? Yes, please! It has much better coverage than Ilia Skin Tint.


The application is a breeze, and the texture is incredibly lightweight, almost like a refreshing drink for your skin. After letting it settle for about 20 minutes, the skin tint gives a natural, hydrated finish. The tiger grass ingredient does wonders, in giving that smoothing effect.

Takeaway: Ilia Skin Tint Dupes

Whether you’re someone who yearns for a dewy glow on a budget or simply seeks a product that aligns better with your skin type, these dupes are perfect for you.

Remember, the beauty community thrives on diversity – diverse skin tones, preferences, and yes, budgets too. The quest for the perfect skin tint is a personal journey, and it’s heartening to know that affordability doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality.

So let me know which one you like and have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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February 25, 2024

None of these dupes for Ilia skin serum tint appear to have SPF in them. I hate the now $48 Ilia price tag, but it’s a very convenient one ‘n done product. I’d have to experiment and find an SPF that works under any of these cheaper alternatives. More trouble than it’s worth & could end up costing me even more in Ilia dupes & sunscreen combos purchased that don’t work out.

February 25, 2024

Hi Paula, I agree with you totally. I didn’t think of it that way. But thanks babe! I have updated the article with another dupe that has SPF in it. Enjoy!

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