7 Amazing It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes

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It cosmetics cc cream dupes

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Okay, I know how much you guys love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. And it is absolutely worth it. It just makes the skin look so beautiful yet glamorous at the same time. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream has set the bar incredibly high, and trying out new dupes for IT Cosmetics CC Cream can sometimes leave us feeling a bit skeptical and, dare I say, disappointed! 

But fear not! Cause I have prepared a list of the best It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are at least 93% similar. These dupes check all the boxes of being a worthy dupe for IT Cosmetics CC Cream. 

Before we jump to the dupes, let’s just see why IT Cosmetics Cream is the best and what factors I have chosen to decide its dupes. We’ll explore the factors that make IT Cosmetics CC Cream stand head and shoulders above the rest. From its incredible coverage to the skin-loving ingredients that leave us feeling pampered and cared for, this CC Cream has earned its crown as a beauty must-have.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50  is a full-coverage color-correcting, anti-aging, and hydrating formula with mineral sunscreens, which is safe for acne-prone skin and coral reefs. The coverage is impressive for a CC cream, and it feels weightless and smooth on the skin.


It is a holy grail for a lot of you guys and you seem to love it more than your foundations and to be honest I am in love with it too. The best part about this CC cream is its coverage which is unbeatable by any other CC cream in the market. 


Throughout the day, the CC cream holds up remarkably well, providing a natural and hydrated look. Also, I don’t even need to use a concealer most days just because it does a wonderful job of canceling out my blemishes.


On a scale of one to ten, I’d always give the IT Cosmetics CC Cream a1000! It’s a fantastic option for those looking for a lightweight, full-coverage, and skin-loving product for everyday wear.

Save Extra Bucks With These IT Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes!!!

1. Loreal Age Perfect Serum Foundation

This foundation glides on the skin with the grace of a ballerina, leaving it feeling like silk. With one layer, it gives a medium coverage, but if you want to amp it up to full glam, a second coat does the trick effortlessly.


It covers all those little imperfections, yet somehow manages to maintain the essence of the skin just like the IT cosmetics CC cream. You don’t want to look like a mannequin, and this foundation gets it!


And the best part is it does not oxidize! No orange tinge! I love that because, let’s be honest, oxidation is the last thing you want when you are already a cool-toned person.


If you can’t get your hands on the elusive IT CC cream, worry not, L‘oreal Age Perfect Serum Foundation is a perfect dupe for IT cosmetics cc cream.

2. No 7 Protect And Perfect Foundation

The No7 Foundation! I swear, it’s like love at first sight, and I can’t help but gush about it to everyone I meet. Seriously, I’ve got a collection of five different foundations from this fabulous company, and they’ve truly outdone themselves with this gem!

This foundation comes with SPF and hydrating ingredients. It also has some ingredients that help with aging. 

It has a medium coverage and makes skin look like a smooth canvas that erases imperfections and reveals your flawless glow. It has the same coverage as we see in the IT cc cream

To be honest, it is even better than the cc cream. Not only is it more pocket-friendly, but the way it embraces the skin is pure magic.

3. Maybelline Dream Urban Cover

If you’re a fan of sun protection in the IT CC Cream, this foundation also comes with SPF 50 to shield you from those pesky UV rays! It also contains anti-oxidants to fight pollution. 


While it goes on like a dream and doesn’t oxidize like some other foundations, it does tend to wear off a bit sooner than we’d like. Fear not, though! It fades away gracefully, leaving you looking even and not like a patchy mess.


Still, despite this tiny setback, it has so much going for it! Easy application, check! No oxidizing, check! Aesthetically pleasing, double-check! It even works as an under-eye concealer – multitasking at its finest!


Overall, if they could boost that staying power, it might just be crowned the undisputed champion! Otherwise, it is very similar to the IT CC cream.

4. Physicians Formula CC Cream

The Physicians Formula CC cream claims to be a color-correcting cream with added anti-aging goodness. 


The cream goes on creamy, but it is a tad chalky compared to IT Cosmetics CC cream. The Physicians Formula CC cream has SPF 30, while It Cosmetics comes with an SPF 50! But 30 is still enough to protect you from the sun.


Talking about the coverage, IT cosmetics clearly wins but, there is a trick that you can make the Physician’s formula CC cream’s coverage same as IT cc cream. You just need to let it get a bit dry before you start blending it with your blender, and there you have it!!


Overall, Physician’s Formula CC cream may not be as fancy as It Cosmetics, but hey, it gets the job done without breaking the bank. We love a wallet-friendly option, don’t we?

5. Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream

This cream is a lot lighter on the skin than IT Cosmetics CC cream and that’s what I like about it. You won’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all!


Coverage-wise, they both are literally twins. It’s like they are identical twins. However, when it comes to longevity, obviously IT cosmetics is better. The Physicians formula still holds up well throughout the day and doesn’t break apart or separate. 


Overall, apart from the longevity, the application and feel of both Physician’s formula organic wear CC cream and IT cosmetics are pretty similar, and organic wear is definitely a dupe for It Cosmetics CC Cream.

6. Purito Cica BB Cream

Purito Cica Clearing BB Cream has an SPF 38 and a natural, radiant glory finish, it also strengthens the skin barrier. And the best part? It’s free of harmful ingredients, essential oils, and artificial fragrances. Perfect for all skin types, even the sensitive ones!

This creamy goodness blends like a dream and will surprise you with more coverage than you expect. It doesn’t have a strong scent and it gives a flawless finish that’s dewy and radiant.

It will give a very luminous finish and make skin smoother than a baby’s bottom. LOL! Even after wearing it for hours, it will feel lightweight, comfortable without any signs of fading.

7. Elf Camo CC Cream

Now, don’t get me wrong, this cream comes with SPF of 40, promising full coverage, a natural finish, and the goodness of color-correcting collagen and peptides. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, let me tell you, dreams can be deceiving!

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I heard that this is the best dupe for IT Cosmetics CC cream I expected it to deliver the same luxurious experience, not a brick wall slathered on my face!! And unfortunately, that’s where the Elf CC Cream missed the mark for me. It’s thicker than thick, girls, and my texture and dark spots were even more obvious.

Sure, you could probably thin it down with a moisturizer or a primer, but here’s the thing: there are other CC creams out there that do the job better without turning you into a living, breathing Oompa Loompa! 

I know a lot of people would say otherwise, but, sorry not sorry, but Elf Camo CC Cream won’t be taking the crown as a dupe for IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

Read this if you loved my It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes!!

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[…] 7 Amazing IT Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes […]

[…] 7 Amazing It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes […]

[…] 7 Best It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes […]

[…] 7 Amazing It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes […]

[…] 7 Amazing It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes […]

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