12 Sexy AF YSL Black Opium Dupes

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YSL Black Opium Dupes

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The warmth and spiciness of YSL Black Opium make it perfect for colder weather or those sultry evenings. And here’s a tip: it apparently works its magic differently on guys, so if you’re a guy thinking about trying it, go ahead and rock it – you might just steal the show.

Literally, people have stopped me just to ask what fragrance I am wearing. Can’t tell you how good that feels. Anyway, before we dive into the YSL Black Opium Dupes, let’s take a look at what exactly makes the perfume so special.

Is YSL Black Opium Worth The Money?

YSL Black Opium Dupes
YSL Black Opium Dupes

First off, the scent is super sexy – and who doesn’t want a bit of that in their life, right? The mix of orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, coffee, and licorice is true bliss. There’s a hint of fruity pear in the opening, which is a “tease.” Now, who doesn’t love a fragrance that keeps you guessing?

The best thing about this perfume is its performance with a solid seven to eight hours of longevity.

As for the people who say that this perfume is only for women, I agree that its marketing is toward women but it is very appealing to daring men too, drawing parallels with other unisex fragrances like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.

YSL Black Opium Notes

Top notes

The opening notes of YSL Black Opium set the stage for a captivating olfactory journey. This note provides a subtle heat, creating an immediate sense of warmth and allure. Accompanying the pepper is the sweetness of the pear, adding a fruity and juicy fragrance to the composition.

Middle notes

As the fragrance transitions to its heart, the middle notes unfold, revealing the heart of Black Opium. Jasmine, known for its heady and intoxicating floral aroma, takes center stage. In Black Opium, jasmine adds a rich and sensual floral smell, providing depth and complexity to the composition. 

It seamlessly blends with the next key player—coffee. The coffee note in Black Opium is a game-changer, introducing an element of boldness and sophistication. This isn’t just any coffee; it’s a dark, aromatic coffee that intertwines with the jasmine, creating a seductive and addictive fragrance.

Base notes

Cedar, with its woody and earthy essence, anchors the fragrance, providing a solid foundation. The cedar note in Black Opium contributes a sense of warmth and stability, enhancing the overall longevity of the scent.

Pepper returns in the base notes, but this time, it takes on a different role. The pepper note in the base adds a subtle spiciness, creating a sophisticated edge. It complements the earlier pink pepper, bringing a full-circle effect to the composition. Now the moment you have been waiting for: YSL Black Opium Dupes.

Smell Seductive With These YSL Black Opium Dupes

1. Zara Gardenia- One of My Personal Fav YSL Black Opium Dupes

This little gem is a steal at around 12 euros, and you can find it in pretty much any Zara store. This Zara beauty is a dead-on dupe for the ever-popular Black Opium by YSL. I won’t be doing the whole notes breakdown like I usually do. I’m keeping it breezy, giving you a vibe, and then diving into the pros and cons.

Let’s talk scent. Gardenia is rocking notes of, you guessed it, gardenia and orange blossom for that floral kick. Add in a dash of coffee for a bit of sophistication, and then throw in some peach and raspberry for that fruity flair. Now, close your eyes and imagine a floral, fruity wonderland. That’s what you get when you spritz this bad boy.

The orange blossom takes the lead, giving it a floral punch, and the fruity notes kick in after a few minutes, giving you that peachy goodness. It’s a vibe, trust me. I’d say it’s more of a spring-summer thing, which is kind of funny considering it’s a dupe for Black Opium, which I once claimed as a fall-winter night scent. 

The only thing that is not my favorite about this perfume is that it’s not the longest-lasting scent on the block, but for the price, who’s complaining? Also, the bottle – it’s gorgeous, but a bit on the heavy side.

2. Oakcha Midnight Nymph

Okay, so I don’t personally use this one but my friend has this perfume so I was staying at her place and saw her applying it. It immediately reminded me of my YSL Black Opium. The packaging itself is a delight, with a minimalist approach that screams sophistication. 

Now, to test it out, I generously applied Oakcha Midnight Nymph on my left wrist, followed by my YSL Black Opium on the right. Spoiler alert – they smell remarkably similar! 

And it is not a surprise as the company claims it to be inspired by the Black Opium. When I applied it, I could detect a vanilla creaminess with a subtle licorice twist. Not a powerhouse, but the essence is there, and it smells divine! And the best part is it stays all day long.

3. Alexandria Fragrances "London Destination"

Now this perfume is also inspired by the YSL Black Opium. And the key notes are pretty similar to the black opium too.

I haven’t used this one personally but according to the reviews on their website, people find this fragrance even better than the original one, especially men. They say that it is a little less feminine than the OG Black opium and hence can be said that it actually is unisex for even men to wear it. 

Pink pepper, spicy patchouli, and soft jasmine are like the secret ingredients that add an exotic twist to Alexandria Fragrances London which makes its fragrance pretty similar to the YSL Black Opium.

4. Scent Kulture "Diva"

First off, let me tell you about the notes in this divinely crafted scent. Imagine a blend of rich coffee, a dash of pink pepper for that sassy kick, the sweet allure of orange blossom, the floral elegance of jasmine, and the warmth of vanilla, patchouli, and cedar. It’s like a symphony of sophistication tailored for the diva in you just like Black opium.

Being the keynotes quite similar, the scent is very similar too. Scent Kulture has successfully created one of the best YSL Black Opium dupes for people who love luxurious scents but don’t want to break the bank.

5. Be Layered "Little Black Dress"

When I sprayed this beauty on my wrist, the air was instantly filled with the delightful aroma. What’s that first note that hit my senses? Vanilla – a classic and irresistible choice. And there’s more – the floral scent of jasmine and orange blossom, added a touch of elegance and sweetness to the mix.

When the perfume dried down, coffee notes stepped into the spotlight, creating a warm and comforting aura. Sounds very similar to black opium right?

So, there you have it – “Little Black Dress,” a pocket-friendly yet utterly glamorous dupe for the YSL Black Opium.

6. Alt Fragrances "Fleur Noir"

I have splurged on the original one, so you can trust me when I say that I know what I am talking about. This is my second most favorite from the list of YSL Black opium dupes. It is the most similar to the original one and I keep repurchasing it. 

The only thing I do not like about this perfume is its longevity. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t last more than 4 hours for me. But you know what, for this price, I do not mind on applying it again after a few hours.

If you’re dreaming of being “THAT girl” who turns heads with an amazing scent trail, well, this perfume might just be your secret weapon!

7. Dossier "Ambery Vanilla"

At $29, this one is a budget-friendly option inspired by YSL Black Opium. The notes include mandarin, pear, pink pepper, licorice, jasmine, orange blossom, cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla, and coffee. I compared it side by side with Black Opium, and the similarity was striking. I’d say they’re about 90% alike.

What really blew me away was the lasting power. In a head-to-head test, the Dossier outlasted the original. Ambery Vanilla, held its own for the entire day – impressive!

8. Maison Alhambra "Opera Noir"

Opera Noir is a warm, spicy fragrance with a coffee-forward opening that immediately captivates the senses. The notes of coffee, vanilla, and white flowers create a decadent, sweet aroma. 

But the real magic? It’s in the longevity! This fragrance lasts over eight to nine hours on the skin and crosses the 24-hour mark on the clothes. Talk about a scent that stays with you throughout the day and night!

9. Makeup Revolution "Revolutionary Noir"

When I tried it, I detected a citrusy freshness upfront. A twist in the plot, you could say. Then, enter the star of the show – that bold coffee note saying, “Hello, I’m here!” 

As the fragrance evolved, the vanilla made its entrance, bringing creamy sweetness but with a dash of creaminess. And here’s where the magic happened – the dry down gave me warm, cozy, spicy, and woody vibes.

Revolutionary Noir like the brands that claim to be one of the YSL Black Opium Dupes and on the comparison, and it turned out, on skin, there’s about a 75-80% similarity.

10. My Oil Perfume Impression Of Black Opium YSL

I haven’t tried it myself and I haven’t smelled it. But it was recommended to me by a fellow blogger and she said that it is at least 80% similar to YSL Black Opium. 

When I compared the keynotes, it turns out they are pretty darn similar. And there were not many reviews to base my research on. So this is solely based on the opinion of my friend. She says this is one of her favorite YSL Black Opium Dupes.

11. Oil Perfumery "Black Opium"

I remember that someone on reddit mentioned that this is their one of the favorite YSL black opium dupes. So I checked the reviews, description and notes out. And it turns out it really is a fantastic dupe for Black Opium. According to most of the reviewers it smells exactly like the black opium and the notes are similar as well:

Top Notes: Pear, Pink Pepper, and Orange Blossom 

Heart Notes: Coffee, Jasmine, Bitter Almond, and Licorice 

Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar, and Cashmere Wood

However, you might wanna be a little careful here because Oil Perfumery in general doesn’t have great reviews.

12. Caline "Fleur Noir"

It’s a composition that focuses on the sensual allure of orange blossom, the beguiling aroma of coffee notes, the nobility of jasmine, and the creaminess of almonds. All these elements come together to create a fragrance like black opium that’s not just captivating but downright irresistible.

Let me break down the notes that this perfume holds. It has the sweetness of gourmand vanilla, perfectly mingling with the spiciness of pink pepper, coffee beans, and hints of delicate, flowery-fruity chords. 

Now, let’s talk about the heart of CÂLINE Fleur Noir made of orange blossom, the beguiling aroma of coffee notes, the nobility of jasmine, and the creaminess of almonds. This is the kind of scent that becomes your signature and your go to.

Takeaway: YSL Black Opium Dupes

In conclusion, I want to say that every person is different. They have different skin types and weathers they are living in. So the longevity varies from person to person. So, if I am claiming that a perfume is not long lasting, it means it might be long lasting for you, it just wasn’t for me. And to be honest, I love the OG Black opium, its just a little too expensive. 

If I could I would by the OG only but the dupes are pretty similar too. Its just the feeling of wearing the original perfume is great. But I am never gonna spend that kind of money on perfumes every few months. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

By the way if you loved my YSL Black Opium Dupes are always on the hunt for good dupes, why don’t you check out these articles: 

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