80 Updated Zara Perfume Dupes For Designer Fragrances

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Zara Perfume Dupes

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Ever had that moment when you catch a whiff of expensive designer perfume and think, “Wow, I need this in my life,” but then your wallet gives you the side-eye? I know how it feels, we’ve all been there! That’s why today,  I am gonna tell you my secret perfumes from Zara that smell exactly like the expensive ones. These are my secret weapon to smelling like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

Imagine strolling through life, leaving a trail of enchanting fragrance that turns heads and sparks conversations. Now, imagine doing that without draining your entire paycheck. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, get ready to pinch yourself because Zara has cracked the code! And I have created a huge list of your favorite perfumes.

Best Zara Perfume Dupes That Are Too Hard To Ignore.

1. Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka

Zara Starlight Vanilla

2. Louboutin Loubirouge

Zara Vanilla Vibration (Smells like it after 2 hours)

3. Paco Rabanne Fame

Zara Memorable Aura

4. Bond No9 Greenwich Village

Zara Red Temptation Summer

5. Tocca Colette

Zara Tuesday Totally Teriffic

6. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz

Zara Blanc Ensoleille

7. Givenchy L'interdit Intense

Zara Bye Love

8. Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif

Zara True Amore

9. Goldfield Ingenious Ginger

Zara Les Heures Passent

10. Killian's Love Don't Be Shy

Zara Velvet Shadow

11. Miss Dior

Zara Wonder Rose

12. Gucci Flora

Zara Cashmere Rose

13. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Zara Apple Juice

14. YSL Black Opium

Zara Gardenia

By the way, these dupes are only by Zara but I have a full list of YSL Black Opium dupes if you wanna check it out.

15. Chloe Atelier Hibiscus

Zara Hibiscus

16. Chanel Chance

Zara Go Fruity

17. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

Zara Apple Juice

18. YSL Libre

Zara Golden Decade

Check out more YSL Libre Dupes Here

19. Good Girl Carolina Herrera

Zara Deep Garden

20. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Zara Majestic Opulence

21. Baccarat Rouge Maison Francis Kurkdijan Paris

Zara Red Temptation Elixir

22. Armani Beauty My Way

Zara Sublime Epoque

23. Chanel Chance EDT

Zara Apple Juice

24. Parfums De Marly Delina

Zara Fashionably London

25. Santal 33

Zara Energetically New York

26. Maison Francis Kurkdijan Gentle Fluidy Silver

Zara Gracefully Madrid

27. Alien Goddess Original

Zara Memorable Aura

28. Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Zara Cherry Smoothie

29. Alien Mugler

Zara Violet Blossom

30. Chanel Coco

Zara Bright Rose

31. Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her

Zara Fields at Nightfall

32. Jo Malone Mimosa And Cardamom

Zara Boldly Seoul

33. Armani Prive Rouge Malachite

Zara Royale Tubereuse Oil

34. Louis Vuitton Imagination

Zara Sunrise On The Red Sand Dunes

35. ACQUA DI Sale Pro FVMVM Roma

Zara Coastal Salty Forest For Men

36. Ariana Cloud

Zara Yellow Velvet Splash

37. PDM Oajan Unisex

Zara Tobacco Collection Unexpected Fresh Spicy

38. Parfums De Marly Oriana

Zara Barbie

39. Xerjoff Erba

Zara Tender Amber

40. V&R Flowerbomb

Zara Black Peony

41. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Zara Orchid

42. Marc Jacobs Perfect

Zara Tropical Boost

43. De Lolita Lempicka

Zara Ambre Inspirant Oil

44. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Zara Lightly Bloom

45. Burberry Her

Zara Go Fruity

46. La Belle Jean Paul

Zara Sultry Pear

47. D&G Dolce Peony

Zara Peony

48. Versace Bright Crystal

Zara Shiny Peonies

49. Lancome Idole Le Grand Parfum

Zara Memoire Intense

50. CH Very Good Girl

Zara Thursday No Valentines But Flowers

51. Kimoji Peach KKW

Zara Marshmallow Addiction

52. Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Zara Rose

53. Parfums De Marly Valaya

Zara Red Temptation Summer

54. Lancome Miracle

Zara White

55. Hermes Un Jardin Apres La Mousson

Zara Noble Westiria

56. DKNY Be Delicious

Zara Twilight Mauve

57. Baraccat Rouge 540 Extrait

Zara Red Temptation Winter

58. Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim

Zara Candy Festival

59. Mancera Wild Python

Zara Bois Soleil

60. Byredo Mojave Ghost

Zara Wednesday I am most Grateful

61. Mont Blanc Signature

Zara Frosted Cream

62. Angel Mugler

Zara Blue Candy

63. Bergamotto Di Calabria

Zara Caviar Bergamot

64. Loewe Solo

Zara Hibiscus

65. Memo Irish Leather

Zara Full Moon Over the Desert

66. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Zara Nude Bouquet

67. Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous

Zara Fabulous Sweet

68. Jo Malone White Jasmin & Mint

Zara Waterlily Tea Dress

69. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Zara Amalfi Sunray

70. Lancome Oud Bouquet

Zara Perpetual Oud

71. Dior Hypnotic Poison

Zara Femme

72. Paco Rabanne Pure XS

Zara Gourmand Addict

73. Hermes Eau Des Merveilles

Zara Amber Fig and Cashmere No’4

74. Replica By The Fireplace

Zara Bohemian OUD

75. Dior J’adore

Zara Rose

76. Juicy Couture I am Juicy

Zara Ultra Juicy

77. Byredo Gypsy Water

Zara Waterlily Tea Dress

78. Jo Malone Sage & Sea Salt

Zara Ebony Wood

79. Dolce & Gabbana The One

Zara Black Amber

80. Creed Aventus

Zara Vibrant Leather

Does Zara Carry Good Perfume Dupes?

Yes, Zara Perfumes are often dupes for Designer perfumes. Zara takes inspiration from some high-end designer scents, and gives them a bit of their own twist, you know? So, you can get a taste of luxury without splurging on one perfume. And who doesn’t love that? I know, I do!

Zara perfumes create their own vibe, but you will catch a whiff of something very familiar from the high-end perfumes.

Are Pefume Dupes By Zara Any Good?

Yes, they are totally worth it. I have a few in my collection and they last a very long time and I totally love their fragrance. Plus, they smell very similar to the perfumes they try to dupe. I don’t like splurging hundreds of dollars on one perfume so Zara is my absolute favorite.

Zara has a huge collection of perfumes. So, whether you’re into floral, fruity, or something a bit more mysterious, Zara usually has something to tickle your olfactory fancy. One cool thing is that they often release new fragrances, so there’s always a chance to discover a hidden gem.

Are Zara Perfumes Long-Lasting?

To be honest, it totally depends on your skin type. Some people say that Zara perfumes are very long-lasting but some don’t. I’ll tell you a story. I gifted Zara perfume to my bf and he wore it on our date. I hugged him and the next morning my clothes still smelled like him. So, I don’t know why people say that Zara perfumes are not long-lasting cause for me they are. Even the perfumes I personally use last a very long time on me. 

How to Make Zara Perfumes Last Longer?

  1. Hydrated skin holds onto fragrances better. So, before you spritz, make sure your skin is well-moisturized.
  2. Spray on pulse points like wrists, neck, and behind your ears. These areas emit heat, helping the scent to diffuse throughout the day.
  3. Ever tried the layering game? Use the same scented body lotion or shower gel to complement your perfume to make the scent last longer.
  4. Spray on right after a shower when your pores are open.
  5. Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight and heat. Store them in a cool, dark place.
  6. After you spray, resist the temptation to rub your wrists together.
  7. Spray a little on your clothes. Fabrics tend to hold onto scents longer than your skin.
  8. If you find your fragrance fading as the day goes on, consider a midday touch-up. Focus on your pulse points and avoid overdoing it.
  9. Lightly mist your hairbrush with the perfume and run it through your hair.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Baraccat Rouge?

So, you’re on the hunt for a scent that captures the magic of Baraccat Rouge, huh? The dupe for Baraccat Rouge 540 is Zara Red Temptation Elixir.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Delina?

Zara True Amore is a fantastic dupe for Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif and Zara Fashionably London is very similar to Parfums De Marly Delina OG.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For YSL Libre?

Zara Golden Decade has that same enchanting vibe and elegance of YSL Libre but with a pocket-friendly twist.  – they’re like fragrance soulmates!

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Good Girl?

Zara Deep Garden shares that seductive and sophisticated aura as Good Girl but with a little Zara twist.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Miss Dior?

Zara Wonder Rose is an identical dupe for Miss Dior and Zara Nude bouquet is a great dupe for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Chanel Chance?

Zara Go Fruity shares the same personality as Chanel Chance. I totally love this dupe.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Jo Malone?

An identical dupe for Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom is Zara Fleur D’oranger. It shares the same notes as Jo Malone.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Tom Ford?

The delicious dupe for Tom Ford Lost Cherry Perfume is Zara Cherry Smoothie.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Alien?

I find Zara Violet Blossom very similar to Alien Mugler.

Which Zara Perfume Is The Dupe For Creed?

A fantastic dupe for Creed Aventus is Zara Black Leather.

If you loved these Perfume Dupes, why don't you check out this article by one of my favorite creators:

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