22 Best False Lashes For Glasses

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Eyelashes Touching Glasses? Here are 22 Best Lashes For Glasses

Who doesn’t love a pair of fluffy long false lashes? It totally changes the game of your eye look. I remember when I first started doing makeup, I used to think my makeup is not good enough, but I loved it after applying falsies. One day I was trying to create a makeup look for people with glasses and you won’t believe how frustrated I got. This is what happened:

I know, wearing lashes with glasses is hectic. The struggle is real. If the falsies are too long, a fight starts between the lens and eyelash. You need short-length or super curled, natural lashes for glasses to ace an eye look with specs.

Tips for buying false lashes for glasses:

  • First things first, go for lashes that are lightweight and comfortable. You don’t want your spectacles sliding down your nose every time you blink! Look for lashes made with soft, natural fibers that won’t weigh you down or obstruct your view of the world.
  • Next up, opt for lashes with a natural-looking curl. We’re going for that effortlessly chic “I woke up like this” vibe, girls! Lashes that are too long or dramatic might end up slapping your lenses.
  • Now, let’s talk lash length. Short to medium-length lashes are your best buddies when wearing glasses. They’ll give you that subtle boost of volume and definition without brushing against your lenses and causing smudges.
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Here is a list of the best false lashes for glasses based on the suggestions of my peers, some of which are my personal favourites:

1. Nyx Jumbo Lashes- Fringe Glam

I saw Glamzilla using this in one of her videos and I immediately fell in love with it. They look so natural and makes me look like a goddess. They are pretty short and little curled. I totally love these and I swear they look a lot better than the picture above. If you want, check out Glamzilla’s Video I am sure you will love this lash too. Here’s a link to her video: Glamzilla’s Video

2. Doe Lashes Fairy Collection

These lashes are best for Asian eyes but complement other eye shapes as well. If you are someone who is looking for a natural everyday lash, you will surely find a perfect one for you in this collection. It has 4 lash styles: Aura, Crescent Angelic, and Moonbeam. All of these are very natural, lightweight, and short but curled and come with a clear and thin band.

3. Kiss Lashes- Look So Natural (Shy)

As the name suggests, these false lashes are voluminous but still look natural. They are like your lashes but better. The best thing is that they are super affordable. The band is very thin, which is a good thing but it is very delicate and may get ruined easily

4. Ardell Natural 110

These false lashes won’t give you a ton of length but make your natural lashes look fuller. These are short, lightweight, and perfect for people who love just a tiny bit of volume. You won’t need to apply a thick liner with these as they have a clear, thin band.

5. Flutterhabit Lashes (Sweetheart & Flirt)

These are typically affordable alternatives to lash extensions. Each lash has four separate lash parts, which gives you control over density. These are placed under your natural lashes and stay there for 5 days. Very beautiful, curly, and fluffy but short lashes, making them perfect for people with glasses.

6. Velour Effortless

The best thing about these lashes is that you won’t have to trim them. You can just apply them right after taking them out of the packaging. These are high-quality and fluffy lashes. The Effortless collection has 11 different styles (Understated, First Love, Would I lie?, Light and fluffy, Mini-me, Short and sweet, Final touch, For real though?, No drama, Less is more) in this line and all of them are suitable for people with glasses except for the “For Real Though?“. These lashes can be used for up to 25 uses.

7. Winkclique Lahes (Demure)

These are pretty similar to Flutterhabit lashes in terms of application. Winkclique lashes also come in a set of 4 individual false lashes in each lash and are very short and natural looking whereas the Flutterhabit lashes are more voluminous and fluffier.

8. The Makeup Shack (Bad & Boujee)

If you are someone who doesn’t want to miss on dramatic long lashes because of glasses, then these are the ones for you. These are dramatic, and long but curled, which prevents them from getting into contact with the glass frame or lens.

Which one did you like the best? If you came here looking for super dramatic, long, and fluffy lashes for glasses then I am sorry because if you are wearing glasses, you should stay away from dramatic falsies. There are very few lashes, which are dramatic and might work with glasses (super curly). It’s better if you wear lenses for that dramatic full glam look. I personally like natural lashes more than fuller ones. What about you?

Best Lashes For Glasses: FAQs

Do eyelash extensions look good with glasses?

Absolutely! Eyelash extensions can look fantastic with glasses. In fact, they can be a match made in fashion heaven. With the right lash extensions, you can enhance your eyes and create a stunning look that beautifully complements your frames. C or D curls are the best extension styles for girls with glasses.

Can fake eyelashes affect vision?

No, fake eyelashes typically do not affect vision. They are designed to enhance the appearance of your lashes without obstructing your line of sight. When applied correctly and comfortably, fake eyelashes should not interfere with your vision or cause any visual disturbances. So, go ahead and flutter those fabulous falsies without worrying about your eyesight!

Is eyelash glue safe?

Yes, eyelash glue is generally safe when used properly. The glue used for false eyelashes is specifically formulated for cosmetic use and is designed to be applied near the sensitive eye area. However, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and exercise caution during application.

Are fake eyelashes healthy?

Fake eyelashes themselves are not inherently unhealthy. However, improper application or extended and continuous use of fake eyelashes can potentially lead to damage or stress on your natural lashes. It’s important to apply and remove them carefully, following proper techniques and using safe products, to maintain the health of your lashes.

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